North American Zouk Exchange (ZoukEX)

Zouk was first seeded in North America over 5 years ago. Since then, different communities have been created and many dancers have fallen in love with this dance, but organizers in various cities still struggle to create or maintain a thriving scene. We believe that what is needed is to develop a strong network between all the North American zouk communities. We know that it's super difficult to build a dance scene from the ground up ("What is zouk?? You mean Zumba?"), and it's difficult to do it alone. We've created this exchange to showcase the amazing things that each of our neighbouring communities is doing, and to build bridges that will help us support each other in continuing to develop zouk in North America. 

With ZoukEX, we want to energize and inspire zoukers across North America by bringing together community leaders and passionate dancers from each city to learn from each other and share in their love of zouk. We want to deliver high value for low cost. We want to establish lasting friendships across cities. We want to create an unforgettable experience that everyone will take with them back home.

Why Toronto?

In less than 3 years, Toronto has built one of the biggest zouk scenes in North America. With 10 zouk instructors and organizers representing 5 different dance schools, it's no surprise that there are over 150 active zoukers in the city! Each week you have your choice of 4 nights to dance zouk in our steadily growing community. Learn more here.

Who are Junyan & Danielle?

We are full-time zouk instructors and event organizers that run Mazouka Dance in Toronto. Our desire to build a strong and beautiful zouk community in Toronto (and abroad!) is at the heart of everything we do.