ZoukEX 2014: Friday, Aug 1st to Monday, Aug 4th 

The entire event has been designed with you, the dancers, in mind. 
  • Workshops with experienced North American instructors
  • Conveniently located venues (all on the subway)
  • Short and sweet performances, and a super fun Jack&Jill competition. 
  • Plenty of time to dance and ways to hang out with your fellow zoukers
  • Food served all night every night to keep you dancing

  • Group Talk "A Brief History of Brazilian Zouk" at 5:00PM in the Main hall (free)
    Group Dinner (chicken or vegetarian options) will be altogether at 5:30pm in the Lower Hall for $10
 F R I D A Y
 S A T U R D A Y
 S U N D A Y
(at The Round Venue)

       1 - 5PM Workshops 
                    (schedule below)

       5PM Group Talk 
                "A Brief History of Zouk"

       1 - 3PM Briefing and Lunch
                    (at the Round)

       3 - 7PM Zouk Scavenger Hunt
       5:30 - 7PM Catered Group Dinner 
                          (& Resting time!)

       7PM 1st IZFM Rehearsal

       9PM Party @ Mazouka

       2AM Last Song
       10PM Doors Open 
       & Competition Qualifiers Begin

       12AM Announcements 
                (10 minutes)

       3AM After Party @ Dance Annex


       9PM Doors Open 
       & Competition Qualifiers Begin

       12AM Jack & Jill Competition 
                (3o minutes)

       3AM After Party @ Dance Annex
* Schedule subject to change

ZoukEX Workshop Schedule
 212 Delaware Avenue  |  Saturday, August 2nd  |  1:00pm to 5:00pm

Main HallLower Hall Conference Room

1PM DJs: How to create mindblowing sets 
DJ Shing (Amsterdam)

1PM Go with the Flow 
Gert & Charlotte (Zouk Amsterdam)

Private Lessons
Instructor rates here

2PM Partner Swapping - T & Hisako
(LambaZouk USA // New York, NY)

2PM Musicalité - Jules & Melodie
(Interfusion Danse // MTL)

2PM How to dance forever aka Injury Prevention
(Mazouka // TO)

3PM Ladies' Zouk Styling
Jessica Lamdon (ZenZouk // NY)

3PM Men's Zouk Styling 
Igor Fraga (ZoukNY // NY)

Private Lessons
Instructor rates here

4PM Creating Performance Choreograpy 
Jessica & Kevin (ZenZouk // NY)

Energy of LambaZouk
Hisako & T (LambaZouk USA // NY)

4PM Dancing Closer: the world of micro-movements
Junyan (Mazouka // TO)
* Schedule subject to change