Jules & Melodie // Montreal, QC                                                                             Private Class Rate: $60

Since 2010, the mission of Interfusion Danse is to promote Brazilian Zouk in Montreal and across the world. Jules and Mélodie of Interfusion Danse along with their team, share a growing passion for music and dances from all origins.

They are all about dance fusion. This entertainment company also offers, in addition of Brazilian Zouk classes, performances and DJ services throughout Canada and abroad! 

Jules & Melodie are also the organizers for the upcoming Interfusion Danse Congress running from June 27th to July 1st! Check out their website at www.interfusiondanse.com!

Junyan & Danielle // Toronto, ON                                                                             Private Class Rate: $80 

Junyan and Danielle are the co-directors of Mazouka Dance, the largest Zouk school in Canada. They are also full-time zouk teachers and event organizers. In 2010, they fell in love with zouk and decided to create a community of zoukers to dance with. Nearly three years later the Mazouka family is thriving and a beautiful representation of community combined with love of Zouk.

Hisako Izutsu // New York, NY                                                                                 Private Class Rate: $60

Hisa was born in Kyoto, Japan. She attended college in Tokyo where she majored in Drama. For several years she worked off broadway as a directer, actress and a playwright. It was in 1999 that she first discovered her passion for dancing. Shortly afterward, she moved to Argentina where she studied Argentine Tango and eventually discovered Zouk. She began by studying zouk in Maluco Beleza, which was followed by two years in Buenos Aires before finally returning to NY, where she currently lives.

In NY, Hisa studied with Ao-chan at Tropical NY. Afterward, she began traveling all over the world to attend congresses and train with various instructors. Among the long list of instructors she has trained with are Gilson, Annik & Leo, Pablo Schmoller, and Mari. Hisa began teaching Zouk in 2009 at the Cafe Nunez in NYC, where she hosted a weekly party while also working as the DJ. During this time, she also hosted Argentine Tango and Samba de Gafieira workshops and parties.

Since 2006 Hisa has also been studying Alexander Technique. Her interest stems from the fact that she believes it is important to understand the connection between the body and oneself. By focusing on good posture, one is able to eliminate tension in the muscles and joints. Hisa believes that “dance is the expression of our personality and ours soul.” When teaching a class her goal is that her students should feel comfortable with being themselves, and develop good communication skills with their partners. These days Hisa works as both an instructor and a DJ. In the past year she has taught and deejayed in Canada, Tokyo, Kyoto and will be attending the DC Bachata Congress in the summer of 2012.



Jules Bertrand // Montreal

Jules is an amazing DJ. Once he gets you up and dancing you won't stop till it's 4AM. He has a huge collection of Zouk and loves to play music with a strong rhythm. We would proudly say that he is one of the bet Zouk DJs in Canada and we are excited to have him mix for us. Check out a sample playlist below or listen on GrooveShark.

Junyan Boon // Toronto

Mazouka's resident DJ, Junyan works hard to set the bar by continuously bringing new and exciting music into Toronto's zouk scene. He is very passionate about his collection and is always looking to share his new finds. Check out his sample playlist below or  listen on GrooveShark.